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Hey it’s Calvin Fong here, I’m Currently Work as Tiles Distributor at Haanaflo Sdn Bhd. During my younger age, I was Skinny boy who get Called by my schoolmate all the time, And then i start to eat more and i did put on some weight no longer skinny boy, I start work, During working hour sometimes i didn’t really care what time I going to grab my breakfast, lunch or dinner. When I felt hungry i will go eat. i know this is bad habit. And i use to drink a lot when hanging out with friends or with my customer. As far as i know result, my health, body shape, and mind went downhill and affected my self-confident, and i having a lot of depression and stress and filled with all the negative energy.

Things start change dramatically, when give myself a challenge of 10 days Challenge Programs for my fitness to get back my health, for the first 10 days for me was really hard because I been lazy and with all the bad habit with me, my fitness level slowly built up, I feel a little stronger and a more happier it because I been surrounded with all the positive mindset friends who supported me during this 10 days Challenge Programs. I did lose some body weight from 73Kg Reduce to 68kg. This really surprise me that I really can do it. I told myself I must continue with this healthy lifestyle.

After the 10 days challenge, I did continue workout regularly, eat healthily, Change my mindset. That I learned from my Coaches. I’m now feel a little proud of myself because I lose another few Kilos from 68kg to 60kgs. I been losing a lot of my body Fats %. And reducing my Visceral fats. Not only this make me proud of myself, another happies thing to share is I getting more topics with my clients with all the positive conversation that inspired them to exercise together and our bonding is much stronger from client become my friends. I feel so good when I see more and more person around me started to change because I been changed my mindset to positive side and try not to give myself having so much negative thinking. Things change Trust me. Everyone can do this.

I’m Happy enough that I make the right choice give myself a challenge and change my mindset 100%, I’m now I can feel my stamina 100% change, I hardly get tired when I go to work, last 2 proud matter I wanted to share is, I did inspired my Family exercise with me and most happy moment is I see my mom stamina getting better she look much more happy. And my wife she getting more and more fit we both share the same topics, and my sister from Overseas she did join me workout also distance is an excuse now, thanks to all the Technology Power of internet. Bring us all together. We all can exercise LIVE with any Videos Calls Apps. I’m Super excited when I see people who wanted to start a healthy lifestyle in their daily routine. Let’s motivate more and more people around you. negative thought put a side bring the Positive thought. Let’s do this together. Myself I changed and I know if I can do it, everyone can do it too.

– Calvin Fong


“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.” by Brad Johnson | Las Vegas

by Brad Johnson | Las Vegas

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A Little Bit More About

Calvin Fong

Work as Tiles Distributor at

Haanaflo Sdn Bhd

Supplying mostly all type of Tiles / Mosaic for Residential & Commercial,
in bulk purchase or individual , I can  assist you if you need any tiles, Just Send Inquiry.


Is not all about Working day & Night, i do decided to add 1 healthy lifestyle to my daily routine such as exercise,
many people think when i’m really into exercise they think i’m switching my job to fitness, Well if you think this way
you are wrong.  Everyone have their lifestyle example: Sleep, Drink, Travel, being lazy, shopping or others.
for me, I’m Trying to make myself more healthy way.

My favorite activities; Food Hunting 🍗, Traveling 🌴,  Playing Sports🏋️‍♀️ , Gaming 😂, Chilling 🥂, too.
what i have Learn is Work Life Balance, Make yourself less stress Enjoy your life with positive mindset.
YOLO (You Only Live Once) , Don’t Be afraid to “Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make”.