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About My Story

Hello, I am Carmen Wong

I would like to share with you my workout journey.

I am a mother of two kids. After I gave birth to my elder daughter, my body weight and shape still maintain and I thought I am the lucky ones.

3 years later, after I gave birth to my youngest son, I noticed my body weight and shape had gone terrible. My whole body looks chubby and my tummy bloated even I have eaten less. So I decide to start my workout every weekend for at least 2 hours like treadmill and cycling.

Beside that, I also eat healthy food and nutrition’s food. I also avoid supper and dessert. At first my body weight reduced 1-2 kg but I remain there for the passed 2 years.

After that I stopped my workout due to working reasons as I need to frequently go outstation. Then my weight gain back due to unhealthy lifestyle.

One day, I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I noticed I have gained a lot weight. I can’t accept the facts. I need to do something immediately. So I decided to start back my workout. This time focus more on HIIT and strength workout.

Slowly I found my stamina improves and metabolism gets better and better. I didn’t gain weight although sometimes I have some cheat meals .

My Fitness Goal

Even though I am a mother of two kids, I want to have a healthy body and make sure the body remain S shape, toned and lean. I will do more hiit for burn fats and strength to build muscles. I will push and challenge myself to try harder and harder workout. Beside that, I also consume some nutrition’s to achieve my fitness goals. Fitness has became part of my lifestyle. Hence, I just need to be consistence with my diet and workout since my results has improves.

I Wish My Lifestyle to be...

Happy lifestyle and family companion my main priority. I am a person who like to travel around the world, camping and cooking. Beside enjoy lifestyle, I still able to earn income and share my workout and healthy meals to others anytime and anywhere.

I Hope to Inspire...

Workout is not how hard you work, it is how long you can maintain it. Chase your dream. It is never too late to start a workout journey. You deserve to have a fit and healthy body. Enjoy your life. Set goals and work to achieve it. A healthy life means a happy life. A happy life means a healthy life.

Carmen Wong

Fitness Is like a Relationship you can’t cheat and expect it to work.

Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself TAKE IT, and make the most of it.


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A Little Bit More About

Carmen Wong


Presently working @ MML tiles manufacturer. I usually meet up with developers, architects and interior designers to promote our company tiles.

Beside working out, sometime I will do some art painting or DIY flower bouquet.

I love to cook. After started my workout journey, I does cooking daily. I prefers simple and easy healthy diet food. My cooking style normally will go for pan fried, oven grill or baked.

To know more about me, do check out my instagram and facebook , below

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