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Hello, I am Christine Ooi,

I started to workout because I notice I am not really healthy, and i am skinny fats, I was quite weak all the while when come to exercise because I am not a active person, I remember I was feeling dizzy after playing badminton with my colleagues and among them I was the youngest, at that time I start to doubt about my health and my fitness level, and I’m always have this belly fats problem around my tummy, like I said I’m skinny but is not in the good shape, no muscles and it’s flabby. So there was one day, me and my husband have this wake up call and feeling want to get fit and strong together, and since then we always motivate each other to do better. When we started to workout, i realize his fitness level was so much better than me because he was an active person, who used to do a lot of sports and outdoor activities when in young age, which was totally opposite side of me. At that time, looking his fitness level and mine difference in such a huge gaps, which even motivate me to do harder and better, and this is how and where I get inspiration from.

My Fitness Goal

I want to achieve a fit, healthy, greater fitness level, and good looking lean and toned body shape. I also want to gain better strength and stamina, to improve my body work out performance, and from time to time i would like to keep challenge myself, being able to push myself to try harder, within my body limits and achieve what I wanted. Besides, i will also consume some good nutrition plan to get the best results to achieve my fitness goals, and i will keeping this fitness journey as part of my lifestyles as consistency is the main key, hence i will also make sure my mentally and physically are all been taken care well, since I am working out for long run, i will make sure is a balanced and happy lifestyles.

I Hope To Inspire...

I hope to inspire more people to fitness. By sharing my own story in the social media platform and website or internet, and also not giving up, and continue to do better day by day, I wish by my story and happy healthy balanced lifestyles can inspired more people who are loss or feeling low esteem, low confident, feeling not healthy enough, feeling want to lose weight and want to increase their fitness level people to come and join me without any hesitation!

Christine Ooi

Don't Stop Until You're Proud

“Make your life a, masterpiece: imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

by Brian Tracy

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A Little Bit More About

Christine Ooi

Founder at COCF

My passion for fashion and styling had lead me to set up my own fashion brand, I am the founder of COCF, founded in year of 2016, which is also a local Malaysia fashion brand, all our items are solely in house design and own manufactured. We are mainly focus in fashion apparels, which is feminine, chic and classic. We do also selling some fashion sports attires that definitely boosts up your work out energy and self confident level. Our items are always looking into quality, quality come first, comfortably and quality assured at the same time. Do check out our items at our website  –  www.cocf.co

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I think health is much valuable than anything, and its cannot be trade with anything. They say finding money is essentials, but don’t forget money can’t buy your health back. You only live once, live your life fullest, with a good health, you can do wonders and realizing all your dreams.

Also, Self love in this world now seem so selfish, people tend to think more about others than our own selves, we think and we care too much about others that we forget or we have been neglecting our own selves. So before you think about other important thing in your life, please ask yourself, have you been taking care yourself and your health well enough?

Please don’t forget to invest in yourself and your health, as you are the most matters in yourself in this world, no one can replace that. Whatever you do, please remember to do it for yourself and be able to be proud and happy of your own self.